Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Santa showed up, and brought the Hive Fleet with him!

Thanks everyone for the suggestions on what to pick up!

As it turns out, we bought everything.  All of the Tyranids in the store.  Well, actually, I left a couple boxes of 'Gants and Raveners behind, and an army box.  And since we still had money to spare, I ordered a couple more things, which I'll list below.

So here's what we got:

Santa brought the tequila for Paddy O'Lantern

List and what's to come under the jump!

So I picked up the following:

1 Hive Tyrant (Going to be magnetized, but for now plan on making a Swarmlord)

2 Hive Guard

2 Zoanthropes

8 Open box Genestealers (bargain!)

24 Gargoyles, just for giggles

1 Trygon

1 Carnifex, to be turned into a Tervigon

Codex: Blood Angels

1 Sweet, sweet purple dice block to go with my purple bugs

1 Elf Flesh, for my marines :)

Annnnnd one bottle of Patron Silver Tequila.  Because that's how we holiday.

And here's what's still coming:

2 more Hive Guard

2-3 Tyrant Guard

1 more Carnifex

Maybe a Venomthrope or two

So, I've got my hands full for the immediate future!

To respond to some of the comments on the previous post:

Ruina:  You read my mind.  Part of my mantra in list-building is 'two of everything, two of everything'.  Absolutely I needed another Trygon, I just hadn't picked it up yet because the first one was such a big project and I just wrapped it up, didn't feel like tackling another one.  I definitely wanted a Tyrant so I could do old Swarmy, and start thinking about a Flyrant, and I wanted both Zoeys and HG for anti-tank.

Mercer:  See, this is why we get along :).  I had intended to pick up 4 Hive Guard in total, and definitely another Trygon.  And by 2x Warriors, I meant I have 2 warriors, since I had 3 and upconverted one.  I'm not buying any more for the time being, until I figure out how to switch them to Shrikes and an easy way to get bonesword/lashwhips for them.  And yes, the Tervigon conversion is a thing that is happening.

Dwez:  I was heartbroken that he didn't have broodlords.  I want a few of them so I can run them in a stealer-heavy army.

39,999: I have too little patience to wait for an order to come in off e-bay, and I don't really find it's worth my time to strip... I'd rather pay more and not have to strip it :).  I'm interested that you don't like Hive Guard, you're the first person I've ever heard say that!

Thanks everyone! Hope your Christmas is as fruitful as mine!

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  1. Santa came real early.
    Senility I bet. But still... win!