Sunday, December 5, 2010

I swear this doesn't really happen that much in Canada, and my early 40k Christmas present!

Every time I talk to someone from another country and they learn I'm from Canada, they figure that we live in igloos and ride polar bears.  In reality, I come from a part of Southern Ontario that's about the same latitude as Northern California, and is famous as a wine country.  Now I live in downtown Toronto, where it did not snow last winter (although it does get cold).  It's much more wintry in, say, New York City.

This is what I did last St. Patrick's day.  My golf clubs stay in my trunk year-round.
But anyhow it snowed so much that we couldn't go to our family Christmas thing, and so we're just hanging around in my hometown.  I'm writing this from my mother-in-law's house.  Drinking wine.

This worked out okay, though.  On the way back from lunch with my parents' we stopped into that super  cheap hobby shop that I mentioned, and they had the assault on black reach box for only $85 Canadian, cheaper than at my FLGS by $10! So my darling angel, love of my life, bought it for me today, and gave it to me as an early Christmas gift.  It is ON!

Anyhow I didn't have a chance to open it up today, but they're taking a trip to the Coach outlet tomorrow morning, so I'm going to unbox that, and hopefully do a unit review.

I just want to thank everyone who's tuned in over the weekend while I've been unable to post good pictures and relevant content.  I'm aiming to provide some interesting Mordheim-related content and get back to some serious 40k stuff tomorrow.

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