Friday, May 10, 2013

I'm back!

.... An ill wind stirs...

And by that I mean I may start painting models again and talking about that.

In case anyone still has this on their feed, I must apologize for the absence.  I can't remember much of the last two years other than seeing one of my zoanthropes larger than life, and then a darkness whose length cannot be measured in minutes, or days, or years, but rather in sins.  

We've been biding our time.

I'm incredibly devoted to the ideal behind Men With Toy Soldiers:  I want to provide emotional support for other grown men who play with toy soldiers, and share my trials and tribulations regarding turning injection molded plastic or hilariously ill-fitting "pewter" into art and tactical enjoyment.  I especially want to encourage other grown men who have fond childhood memories of tabletop games.

For anyone who is still interested, here are the topics I'm interested in covering in the short term:

1) My 1 year old citadel paints are dried up in their containers, but my 15 year old ones are still good to go. I also notice that they have about a dozen different types of paint in their range, while I grew up painting gorgeous minis and it was just paint and primer. DISCUSS.

2) I will unabashedly admit that I love 4th edition D&D, based solely on reading the rulebooks.  I reminisce about having to calculate THAC0 and the hilarious min/maxing we did in 2e and 3e.  I wonder why noone ever thought of making 1 hp minions before so we could feel legit tossing fireballs.  I thank the world of MMORPGS for improving the combat system.  I think I want to go to a local shop to play D&D encounters and write about it, having never played D&D seriously since oh about 1998.

3) I want to paint again, although GW's bait-and-switch with the 40k rules doesn't make me want to play (yet).  My painting articles before were well-received, and I'm proud of the minis that I do have.  My Trygon  has been out on our picture shelf since I finished it, and I'm excited to do more mini-painting that I can be proud of.  I'm not going to insist on them being Tyranids, I just want to paint, so I would love to hear some feedback if anyone's still listening.

Anyhow I think the glue on my Ork whatever-the-hell-they-call-the-leaders just set, and I want to get him cleaned up so I can prime and decide on a colour scheme.