Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Biggest Bug of All - Trygon WIP Update!

Well, this thing is a pretty big project but having started it I'm much less intimidated!  I had a nice night where I popped the movie Hot Fuzz on the computer in front of me and just painted away.  So here we are:

The Trygon got a manicure with OPI colour "Voracious Vermillion"

 - The exoskeleton is done, highlighting shading and all.  It will get another thin coat of Leviathan Purple wash over certain parts, but other than that it's finished.  

 - The (very) bright red on the talons will be toned down considerably after a couple coats of Baal Red, but I really like the effect -- it's very attention-grabbing!  This will probably be the method I use for MC talons on all of my bugs, except perhaps the Tervigon, but more on that at a later date.  And what you're looking at there is just two layers of Blood Red over white primer.

- The Carapace is what I'll be working on tonight.  I'm still trying to wrap my head around how to shade and highlight it, and I still haven't picked up Devlan Mud to test it and see if I can get a more natural, consistent shade on the Dheneb Stone.  One thing I'm very pleased with, however, is how smooth of a coat I managed to get on the large back Carapace section (the only part I'm really stressing about) by being very patient and thinning down the Dheneb Stone alot:

I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave

As always, any input is appreciated!  One decision I'm still struggling with is whether or not to use the red for any other 'spines' on the model, such as the side ones that I've left unpainted on the tail.  I'm not sure if it would add anything, or just make the model look busier.



  1. The red is awesome. If you want some inspiration about how to tackle the carapace is how I did mine.



  2. Thanks!

    That's absolutely gorgeous! I like the stippled markings.

    Having said that, I'm sticking with the bone colour because the whole army's like that... but what I'm struggling with is the proper lowlight/highlight products to use. I've been using Badab Black wash on them so far, and it's not bad, but I'm concerned that it won't look right on the very large back portion. Still, no way to find out unless I try!

  3. Is that the Toronto bedbug problem I keep hearing about?

  4. I'd stick with the Badab Black so that it fits in with your other models, then highlight with Deneb and final highlights with Deneb & White mix.

    I find the red a little to garish to be honest (it may just be the picture though). It is attention grabbing, but it doesn't look at all natural to me. I think once it is shaded it will look better (more like you gaunts will be better IMO).

    I really do like the purple wash for the main parts of the body.