Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Brief shout-out...

Just wanted to say, I'm now part of the FtW (From The Warp) Bloggers group, which I feel is a great resource for all things tabletop-wargaming related.

I've already mentioned my admiration for Ghoulio's posts on Legio Minimus, but I also recommend for anyone who is interested in Tyranids to check out Inside The Hive Mind, a section of the FtW website that compiles a great deal of the Tyranid-related content that's been posted in the group.

Stay tuned, my lazy Tyranid Prime conversion is still incoming!

So, Turbo-Ants.....?

This is the story of how I started painting again, where I'm at in that stage, and how I named my Hive Fleet.  I'm aware that I'm not by any stretch a great painter, but considering that, as Tycho from Penny Arcade says, "My hand shakes like an autumn leaf", I'm pretty happy with what I've ended up with so far.  They look fine on a tabletop, and that's all I really want from them.


It started quite innocently.  Like any self-respecting young man, there is a pile of stuff in my parents' attic that belongs to myself and my brother from when we were younger.  Every once in a while, my father intimates that not only should they be allowed to clear their space, but that my brother and I ought to do the clearing for them. The nerve.

Anyhow one day I was back in town, and had been recently thinking about D&D, Warhammer, and specifically Warhammer 40k -- thanks to Dawn of War 2.  So I thought, wouldn't hurt to see if I can still paint a model or two... I always liked that. I wonder if any of those paints are still good?

Well as it turns out, back in the day Citadel paints were packed in awesome, airtight containers... lo and behold:

We are older than the internet.  Space Wolves Grey, please leave Blazing Orange alone.

Some of those paints are, if I recall, about 16 years old and still kickin'.  Yes, I'm aware that the internet has been around for more than 16 years.  Shut up.  No, you shut up.

So I just needed a few basics like black, bleached bone, and some sort of purple, and I could paint one of those Tyranids that caught my eye.  So I got them, and a box of Termagants.

Monday, November 29, 2010

The 40k blog that restored my faith... And why it needed restoring.

Just wanted to put in a good word for the stuff I'm reading at Legio Minimus.  Specifically, the posts on Tyranids by Ghoulio.

Hi! According to the internets, you need to buy about 5 of me to convert into Tervigons and Tyrannofexen.  Otherwise, the Imperium armies will beat you, and then you'll have to kill yourself!



After reading so much on YTTH and Whiskey40k, as well as other websites, I got really discouraged about playing 40k at all.  Based on what I had read, I essentially could build this list:

Fozzy the Tyranid Prime (Or Hive Tyrant, depending on the list)

3x3 Hive Guard

3 Tervigons
3x10 Termagants



Fill in the blanks to get to your needed point total.

Stealin' Jeans - A Genestealer Review

Well, before I can play a game, or even assemble and paint an army, I need to figure out what I'm going to field. So I guess I'll start examining the units one by one and asking:

 - Do I like the unit? That is to say, do I like the aesthetics, background, etc?

 - Do I think it's worth putting into a game, for its point cost?

First up: The classic, quintessential Genestealer.

Dammit, Steve, can you shave that pink dreadlock beard?  You look like a Space Wolf.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Story So Far.....

The humble beginnings of Hive Fleet Turbo-Ants
Well, here it is.  This is what I've accomplished.  Since September, after we moved to Toronto.

Now that's not entirely true -- I have another 10 assembled hormagaunts or so, and some 15 more termagants.  I also have a beautiful grey trygon and a Tyranid Prime that I just finished converting, which I'll post as a work in progress (henceforth, WIP) soon.  I've also read thousands upon thousands of words of Yes The Truth Hurts, Bell of Lost Souls, et cetera.  I feel incredibly prepared to play my first game of 40k.

That's correct, my first game.  So let me preface this entire blog by saying that I'm going to be wrong, sometimes on hilariously fundamental issues.  For example, I'm pretty sure that the Adeptus Astartes means Space Marines, but if it actually meant 'Marshmallow Santas', just correct me, but try to understand the subtext while assuming the etymological replacement.

You see, I haven't played yet.  I've collected some Tyranids because I enjoy painting them and theorizing about the game, but I've become discouraged from what I've read online regarding their competitive value.

I realize that Imperial Guard and Space Wolves are the 'strongest' codices in the game, even with my limited understanding and experience.  Thing is, I find both of them so distasteful on an aesthetic level (weak rabble hiding behind tanks and gross bearded men who follow grosser more bearded men to the extent that Space Wolf armies can take twice the HQ slots? Questionable.) that I could never bring myself to field them.  Besides, what kind of man are you if you're fielding the strongest option simply because it's the strongest?

I enjoy the company of my fellow Space Wolves.  Sometimes, we like to sip chardonnay and braid each others' beards.  

Having said that, I don't find Space Marines inherently detestable -- I've always liked the idea of the Paladin or Cleric in D&D, which pretty much sums up the evangelism of the Marines (feel free to create the first argument on my blog!).  My attitude is pretty much:

"I'm going to play Tyranids, because, hells yes, they're awesome!  But since I might want to win the occasional game in a tournament, I'm going to keep a marine army handy."

Point is, I've been telling myself that I haven't played a game yet because I want to field a painted army.  This isn't true.  Really, I don't want to lose a game, and I'm allowed to use the fact that I don't have the Black Reach box set, and thus a hard copy of the rules, dice, templates, range rulers, etc to avoid playing.

So F that.  I gave my darling girl my list of Christmas wishes, and made it pretty clear that if I didn't get the Assault on Black Reach set, I'd drive her back to Tiffany's to return her jewelry on Boxing Day.  She'd do the same for me.

So while I'm building up the old Hive Fleet,  there's about to be major expansions.... and articles describing my proposed tactics, which I'm sure will prove to be wrong.


Why my Tyranids are called Hive Fleet Turbo-Ants


Would Genestealers like Baconators?