Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Biggest Bug of All - Trygon almost finished!

After much. much work, we're coming around on the home stretch!

I have to paint three of these eventually? Goodness.

I am actually tired from painting.  However, it's almost done!

Here's what I have left to do:

- Edge all of the carapace sections with Dheneb Stone
- Clean up a couple of the details
- Do some general fixing of errors
- Base it!

So what you're looking at is very close to the finished product, with a little less depth in the carapace!

Here's a closer view of the front that shows the details a bit better:

Terrifying, isn't he?

So I should be done, dare I say, tomorrow!  Although it's such a large model that I'm sure I'll be finding errors on it for the next month, so it'll keep me busy.  As for the base, I think I'm going to take the Rippers off, just because I don't really feel like painting them or that they add too much to the base.

I'll wait until tomorrow to do that, though, because maybe I'm just tired and grumpy right now!


  1. Looking good man, I'm liking the Mawloc tail instead. On mine I just used Prime tails, I really don't like that toxin sac style one.

    The purple, did you wash it over white and then dry brush?

  2. Actually this time the purple was done with a traditional paint/drybrush/wash.

    I used a pot of Liche purple to which I've added a bit of grey to dull it and make it more opaque -- I mixed it up to cover up mistakes when using the wash over white method. I drybrushed with Tentacle Pink, which I don't think they make anymore. It looked really silly at that point, but after a coat of Leviathan Purple wash, it ended up like you see above! It's actually done now, so I'll be posting pics and maybe a trygon unit review today if I have the time.

    And yeah, the Mawloc tail's really the best -- plus if I want to field it as a Mawloc at least I've got one part right!