Monday, December 20, 2010

Help me spend $400 on miniatures!

Sorry about missing the last few days' worth of content, Men With Toy Soldiers was away at the first of many illustrious holiday events!

We also had a family dinner tonight, at which I over-indulged.  I think the Hive Mind was fully in control, because I was definitely The Great Devourer!

But we're back in town for a couple of days until we do the real Christmas marathon, and Santa is coming around tomorrow in the form of a shopping spree at my Friendly Local Game Store, sponsored by my Sugar Mama.

It's all about the Elizabeths, baby

So I'm going to put up what I have, and if anyone still reads the blog you can help me choose how to spend money!

Here's what we've got:

1x Tyranid Prime

2x Tyranid Warrior

16x Hormagaunt

28x Termagant

8x Genestealer

1x Trygon

So, I've got $400 (Canadian) to spend, at 20% off GW prices.

What should I buy?  GO!

Bonus round:

If you run out of Tyranids worth buying, I've also got a budding Blood Angels army....


  1. Hive Tyrant, Another Trygon (2 is the minimum to work in an army), and either Zoanthropes or Hive Guard. If you still have some more left over, more Guants! Can't ever have enough Gaunts :)

  2. Firstly definately another Trygon as the single one is gonna be a splattered bug very quickly.

    What about another Prime to boost that second Warrior unit?

    Some more Genestealers as 8 won't last long at all. I found units of 12 work well ;)

    Maybe some Tervigons from Carnifexes as troops if you fancy going that way?

    Oh, you definately need Hive Guard or else you won't pop any tanks at all at range. Zero. None. Zip :(

  3. If you have cash in hand, you may want to look past GW to 2nd hand lists like on ebay. Often you can do far better than 20% off, moreso if you don't mind a little stripping. The money would go a longer way there.

    That aside, I think Hive Guard are over-rated, and you're pretty lean on Synapse. Zoanthropes, another warrior (because squads have to be at least 3 strong, right?), and a Tervigon would be good (though you'll obviously have to kitbash something there).