Saturday, December 4, 2010

Men With Toy Soldiers is going on the road!

Things will be quiet for the weekend, as we're about to hit the old dusty trail to take care of some family holiday festivities.  The good news is, there is a super cheap hobby shop in my hometown (25-30% off GW prices), and I should be able to sneak away long enough from the boss lady to grow the swarm a bit.  I'm thinking maybe Raveners, because I just like the model so much and they aren't on my Christmas list for her.  Road trip!

Like this, only in Canada.  In the Winter.  With lots of traffic.  Okay so not much like this but I didn't have time to come up with a good picture.

Also, my parents' attic is a treasure trove of old stuff.  One of my friends told me that reading this blog made him nostalgic for the days of Warhammer, so I thought maybe I'd see if I couldn't scare up some Mordheim stuff and bring it back with me so we can play a game or two when he's in town.  In case this is news to anyone, Mordheim is a game set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe where you play persistent 'warbands'
(small squads) that can level up.  It's Necromunda, but set in WHFB's world.

More importantly, you can actually download the Mordheim rulebook, for free, as a PDF on the Games Workshop website.  So really if you have a few skaven, empire, or undead minis kicking around, you can actually start playing Mordheim.  I strongly recommend it.

Anyhow that's all I had to say.  I'm taking a laptop and the camera, so I hope to get a post up during my downtime on the weekend.  Maybe a unit review!


Up in the air!


I'm not sure I can survive two whole days without all of my downtown Toronto comforts!  What if I need shawarma in the middle of the night?  What will I do???


  1. Can I field a unit of 40 clanrats in Mordheim like in did playing warhammer fantasy? K thanks.

  2. Yeah not so much! But the Skaven Assassin or whatever the warband leader's called is actually pretty sick when he gets some equipment, gets great skills and special rules. And of course, you get Rat Ogres.

  3. Are Canadians giddy for ethnic food? We went to Vancouver this past summer, and it seemed that you could find any genre of food within 2-3 city blocks: Greek, Korean, Japanese, African, etc. I spent all of my time at the shwarma shop though...

    Mmm.. good.

    Food aside, have a safe trip, and enjoy your raveners!

  4. Thanks! Just getting in a quick check now.

    We are absolutely giddy for ethnic food! Your experience in Vancouver's pretty standard for any Canadian city. I spent a week in Winnipeg this past week and couldn't believe how even there I had so many options. Living in downtown Toronto is a dream for food options. Shawarma's great but sushi's my real weakness.

    That aside, thanks for the well wishes, and I'm about to post about what actually happened during the trip!