Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Blood Angels - 2nd Attempt

After receiving some solid advice, I think we can all agree that this is more like it:

When I showed her this model, my girl said: "I wouldn't kick him out of bed."

I'm excited!

As you may notice, I actually finished this model.  That wasn't the original plan.  I had intended to paint just the body on this model again until I figured out how I would be doing my Blood Angels, but I was so pleased with how this was going that I wanted to see it finished and based to see if I liked the results.  I do.

So let me give a nod to my two sources of inspiration for the improvements that I made:

Gavin at Club Workshed gave me some solid advice on my first attempt:  Save the gold for centrepieces, use a bit of black for the deep recesses.  While I'm sticking with the white undercoat (because blood red's such a pain in the Azrael, Grand Master of the Dark Angels), the rest of what he said is pretty solid advice.  I may even change the chest eagles to match what I plan to do on the Sang Guard, using white with a blue wash for the feathers.

Blood for the Blood God! Wait, no.... For the Emperor?  Why are we called Blood Angels?

So thanks, Gavin!  Looking forward to more of your input as I progress through the models!

I also read through this fantastic article at All Things 40k detailing how his Blood Angels are painted.  What I really took from there was that I was correct about Baal Red being a perfect wash for Blood Red, but he did a Fiery Orange drybrush on the basecoat prior to applying it.  Wow!  What a difference!  Awesome tip.  Here's what the model looked like with the Blood Red base coat and a Blazing Orange drybrush:

Blindingly bright.  At this point I was going on pure faith.
And here it is with one of the two coats of Baal Red.  Huge improvement.

Whoa! The internet was right!

I may just be over-excited, but I'm really pleased with how this little guy turned out.  On top of looking good on the table, he actually photographs well, which is something I haven't been able to accomplish yet.  I'm looking forward to getting more Marines painted, and hopefully applying a bit of what I learned with this model to my Nids.  It also reduced my stress a lot about painting the Dreadnought, as I've always struggled with large, flat parts of models (this is why I haven't painted my Trygon yet).  Using this method, however, I just drop a heavy drybrush around the edges, and give it a couple coats of wash, and it should look great!

Here's a final look at the model from the back:

Let me get some action from the back section


Well, that settles the Marines Quandary, I suppose.  The default UP NEXT is Tyranid Unit Reviews!


Who thinks it would be wicked to do a conversion to a Judge DreddNought?  Yeah, thought so.


  1. That's a marked improvement over the first one - congratulations! I like the basing too, you can't go wrong with chunky gravel and static grass.

    There's three tiny thing's I would change;

    - Crop your pictures! Google Picasa is free and great for quick image editing.

    - Maybe try a darker rim on the base - a darker brown might make the red stand out. I'd be tempted to go with Dark Flesh.

    - If you have the patience, painting the arm / leg flex a dark grey and then wash with black would look good. On the downside it's fiddly and time consuming, and I used to wreck my older marines by using far too much black lines and shading.


    I'd like to see you do a marine with a pale bluey/white eagle, it might work well with the red and help tie the rank and file with your (planned) sanguinary guard. I think you just inspired me to go and work on my sanguinary priests, I'm going to try and do something like that with them!

    Keep the models coming, I look forward to seeing more. By the way, here's some another Blood Angel army you might be interested in seeing;


  2. Thanks for the link! Good looking group, and those bases look eerily like mine!

    I agree that it's a big improvement, it photographs especially well. I also felt that the last one looked almost Chaos-ish with the gold trim.

    I appreciate the tips! You're right, I should crop the photos a bit more, even if I just snip out the part I want in MS Paint before uploading.

    As for the bases, I started off using the same basing method that I use for my beloved 'Nids, which I feel works well for them because they're so much darker:


    Having said that, I planned to make a trip to the hobby shop to grab some paints, and I want to pick up a dark grey for black highlights, so I might make that my base rim for my Marines... I think Chardon Granite is the colour of which I'm thinking. And the basing medium is some beige flock sand mixed with the small slate pieces from the 40k basing set, topped of course with plain static grass.

    Thanks again for the input. I'm taking a small break from the Marines to batch paint the last 8 Hormagaunts (there will be an article on how to speed-paint using washes!), but I've already started on a Terminator who I think will have the white wings!