Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My lazy Tyranid Prime conversion, Part 2...

First part found here.


I left off describing how I had come to choose the parts for my Tyranid Prime:

1) Warrior as a base model
2) Needs a Lashwhip and Bonesword
3) Needs to be bulkier than a regular Warrior, to stand out as a Prime

And to that end, I chose to convert a spare Trygon head plate into a shield for him, to count as a lashwhip.  I really like the idea of a Tyranid Warrior with a sword and a shield.

I also carved up and flipped around a spare large Scything Talon from the warrior kit.  I used my knife to cut small 'flattened' parts out of the edge of the blade in an attempt to give it some hard edges.  If all goes according to plan, layers of highlighting should make it look crystalline, which is the effect I'm going for.  At this point, I was absolutely unsure of what colour I was going to use for the bonesword.  Not even a tiny clue.

Assembled and Primed.  See what I did there?

Since I wanted to give him a little more heft and grandeur, he got one of the decorative bases from the WH40k basing kit.  I'm aware that it doesn't quite fit onto the 40mm oval base supplied with the model, but not sure what I plan on doing about that just yet.  I may see how it fits on a 60mm base, as I do like the extra height gained from the base under the base.

He also got some spare armor plates from the Warrior and Genestealer kits to bulk him up a bit.

This was my first foray into magnetization.  It's a pretty simple process so long as you remember to mark your magnets to check their polarization (I put a dab of paint on the two sides that I want to touch before I glue the magnet into place).  It's also pretty fun when the magnets, which are essentially weightless, leap across the table covered in Super Glue and stick to something.  That doesn't get old.

Anyhow all of the arms are magnetized:

Merely a flesh wound!
Which is good, because I'm more likely to run him with bonesword/lashwhip/scything talons, since that will generally mean he'll only miss on a 2.

I'm overall happy with how he came together.  As this is my first attempt at a conversion in a decade and a half, I thought it came together reasonably well.  I'm going to have to pick up some Green Stuff for other conversion work, and filling in gaps on metal models, so I might come back to this model and retouch the one shoulder with the exposed magnet at some point, but maybe not.


Some painting gets done!


I went an entire post without talking about how Space Wolves like compare beards with other rugged men!

Oh, wait.

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