Thursday, December 2, 2010

Non-Tyranid News: A One-of-a-kind Bloodthirster! I promise!

Well, after finishing off the Prime, I'm out of primed models to paint (Prime... primed... oh wait, I already made that joke).  And since it would wake up my dearest love if I were to prime more right now, this seems like as good a time as any to post this:

What's a Bloothirster's favourite sweet snack? Candy Khorne! Haha!

Well not too much to report here.  While rooting through my old stuff in my parents' attic, I saw the parts for this Bloodthirster from when I used to play Chaos in Warhammer Fantasy (back when Chaos was one glorious, cheeseball army).  Only I couldn't find his whip.

So I looked around for inspiration, and ripped the tail off the old Azazel model that they (briefly) had as a Special Character daemon prince in one of the old Chaos books.  It fit perfectly, although I almost wanted to keep it as a funky Lashwhip for my 'Nids.

I have to suspect that since that model wasn't around for long, and there's a new Bloodthirster kit, that I may just be the only one to post a pic of a Bloodthirster exactly like this.

Glorious whip view!

Fly, you fools!

Anyhow I took it back to Toronto, assembled and painted it up, and I'm pretty happy with the results as far as a lark side project goes.

What did I learn?

Wow, Badab Black Wash is God's gift to talentless painters.  I really enjoy how the wings turned out, and they're just Mechrite Red/Black Wash/Drybrush Mechrite Red.  So simple but so much depth.  The snake-whip is just old school Emerald Green with a coat of Black wash, which (as always) seems to have a ton of depth.  I hope they still make Emerald Green, I want more when I run out.  My love of washes is well documented, and I think I'll be trying Devlan mud next for the carapace segments on my Tyranids.

Bloodthirster: More top-heavy than Katy Perry.

Edging a colour on black makes the black look coloured.  Simple technique, and I took it to a much higher degree for my Tyranid Prime (linked above), but it's amazing how just edging the black axe head made the whole thing look green.  It reminds me of volcanic glass.

Never underestimate how much we're willing to overlook because we think this stuff is cool.

My sweet, innocent girl took one look at this model as I was painting and said,

"Why is he wearing a chain G-String?  That can't be comfortable, and it doesn't really make him any more scary."

There are some things you can't un-see.
Until she pointed that out, even though I had already painted his... Victoria's Secret... I hadn't noticed this.


Well, it was fun to paint, and I'm kind of proud that it's done, since that model took about 15 years to assemble and paint.

Having said that, I think I'm going to give it away, I just haven't decided how I'm going to orchestrate that just yet.

However, if you live in Toronto and play Chaos Daemons for Warhammer Fantasy (Or 40k I guess, you can rip him off that base easily), and you like the model, get in touch with me.  Maybe we can work something out.


Excellent question!


If more than one mouse is mice, is more than one spouse... spice?

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