Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Story So Far.....

The humble beginnings of Hive Fleet Turbo-Ants
Well, here it is.  This is what I've accomplished.  Since September, after we moved to Toronto.

Now that's not entirely true -- I have another 10 assembled hormagaunts or so, and some 15 more termagants.  I also have a beautiful grey trygon and a Tyranid Prime that I just finished converting, which I'll post as a work in progress (henceforth, WIP) soon.  I've also read thousands upon thousands of words of Yes The Truth Hurts, Bell of Lost Souls, et cetera.  I feel incredibly prepared to play my first game of 40k.

That's correct, my first game.  So let me preface this entire blog by saying that I'm going to be wrong, sometimes on hilariously fundamental issues.  For example, I'm pretty sure that the Adeptus Astartes means Space Marines, but if it actually meant 'Marshmallow Santas', just correct me, but try to understand the subtext while assuming the etymological replacement.

You see, I haven't played yet.  I've collected some Tyranids because I enjoy painting them and theorizing about the game, but I've become discouraged from what I've read online regarding their competitive value.

I realize that Imperial Guard and Space Wolves are the 'strongest' codices in the game, even with my limited understanding and experience.  Thing is, I find both of them so distasteful on an aesthetic level (weak rabble hiding behind tanks and gross bearded men who follow grosser more bearded men to the extent that Space Wolf armies can take twice the HQ slots? Questionable.) that I could never bring myself to field them.  Besides, what kind of man are you if you're fielding the strongest option simply because it's the strongest?

I enjoy the company of my fellow Space Wolves.  Sometimes, we like to sip chardonnay and braid each others' beards.  

Having said that, I don't find Space Marines inherently detestable -- I've always liked the idea of the Paladin or Cleric in D&D, which pretty much sums up the evangelism of the Marines (feel free to create the first argument on my blog!).  My attitude is pretty much:

"I'm going to play Tyranids, because, hells yes, they're awesome!  But since I might want to win the occasional game in a tournament, I'm going to keep a marine army handy."

Point is, I've been telling myself that I haven't played a game yet because I want to field a painted army.  This isn't true.  Really, I don't want to lose a game, and I'm allowed to use the fact that I don't have the Black Reach box set, and thus a hard copy of the rules, dice, templates, range rulers, etc to avoid playing.

So F that.  I gave my darling girl my list of Christmas wishes, and made it pretty clear that if I didn't get the Assault on Black Reach set, I'd drive her back to Tiffany's to return her jewelry on Boxing Day.  She'd do the same for me.

So while I'm building up the old Hive Fleet,  there's about to be major expansions.... and articles describing my proposed tactics, which I'm sure will prove to be wrong.


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